Profender Suspension Kit – Ford Ranger 11/11-2019

Profender Suspension Kit – Ford Ranger 11/11-2019

Ford Ranger 2011-2019


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Nitro Gas Shock bore 40mm with 20mm shaft

Profender twin tube shocks are designed with a big piston and a big shaft that provide excellent performance suited for heavy duty use. The perfect specification allows the driver to enjoy a more comfortable and improved ride.

Low Pressure Nitrogen Gas prevents a cavity of oil inside the shock when it gets hot. These shocks will consistently work until you arrive at your destination. The inside of the piston is made of Teflon, which allows it to slide smoothly and last longer. The shock absorber is made of materials from Sandvik Company, Sweden. They are accurately controlling the needed damping force. It is sealed properly to protect oil leaks and can perform very well even in dust and dirty conditions.

Included in this kit:

Front Shock Profender
Rear Shock Profender
Tough Dog Front Coil Spring Petrol / Diesel / Aloy Bar
Tough Dog Leaf Spring Rear Comfort
Urethane Bush Kit
U-Bolt Use with Leaf FS369C
Tough Dog Transmission Spacer Kit

*Exclusive comfort kit with load from 0-300kg. 

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