This article was adapted from travel notes by Francois Marais of

Recently we completed our 3-month journey following the Zambezi river from Source to Sea.

We started at Mwinilunga District in Zambia, and followed the river all the way to Victoria Falls and Lake Kariba, then Cahora Bassa in Mozambique, and lastly down to where the Zambezi meets the Indian Ocean.

Our choice of bullbars for the three Voetspore 70-Series Land Cruisers, was the Opposite Lock (OL) Bumpers from Australia. These not only assist with clearance and departure angles, but also the important aspects of recoveries on a trip like this.

OL Bullbars are designed and manufactured in Australia, offer Airbag compatibility, and are ADR (Australian Design Rules) certified.

The 63mm bar not only looks the part, but also fits and blends in with the standard flares on the current Land Cruiser 70-series. It can accommodate a 12000lb Tungsten Winch with enough hand space for gear engaging should you choose not to make use of the remote control.

At Voetspore use and test all kinds of products available in the marketplace, and in the past 20 years we have developed our own standard for rating private use equipment – SSPL:


Having tried & tested the OL Bullbars during our trip, we recommend these with confidence to over overlanders.

Mooi loop!