Though many vehicles leave the manufacturers’ floor ready to take on some off-road challenges, especially if you are looking to have something to get you around the farm over the holidays. However, if you are purchasing an off-road vehicle for the first time or simply looking to take on more adventure then getting your vehicle up to scratch will ensure that you have the greatest adventures ahead.

We are currently in a time where uncertainty looms over us all, but we have an opportunity to look at the future and decide how we would like to allocate our time. Trailing off on your own or with your family is a great way to get back those happy moments we all so dearly miss. Get your vehicle ready for action and never miss out on another adventure.

1. Lighting

Keep in mind that while you are out far away from people you will have extraordinarily little to no light around so having quality lighting that you can rely on is a must. Proper lighting for the front of the vehicle, inside the vehicle, and handheld touches are always something to consider when preparing for your trip.

Lightforce offers a range of lighting options that will not only give you optimal lighting but also suit the aesthetic of many off-road vehicles.

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2. Suspension

Now suspension is the key to having a comfortable or somewhat less straining adventure. Each vehicle will require a certain suspension type while the desired use for the vehicle will also have an influence on the suspension upgrade.

Tough Dog Suspension provides high performing suspension designed to withstand the harshest conditions. You cannot go wrong with Tough Dog.

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3. Bull Bars

Once you have your vehicle driving comfortably over all the corrugation you can imagine and the world in front of you lit up you may want to have a look at keeping that vehicle front end protected.

Opposite Lock bull bars offer premium bars that are designed to keep your engine safe while fitting in with the rugged aesthetic that many off-road enthusiasts enjoy.

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4. Winches

Winches are remarkably useful when out on your outdoor exploration. With this upgrade, you not only give yourself a helping hand in the recovery gear department but also can assist a fellow off-road enthusiast.

Tungsten winches are designed to take on the challenges of the harsh outdoors while giving the best in reliability.

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