The Jimny has taken the hearts of many South Africans for the better part of two decades. The vehicle started out with the main qualities we still admire and enjoy today. The Jimny’s profile was and is unique with a ‘can-do’ engine that embodies the right kind of attitude for a 4WD off-road mini SUV.

The vehicle has not had many stages of evolution, where the second generation came out two engine choices i.e. A 550cc or 660cc 3-cylinder in 1981 leading up to the 2nd generation debuting in 1998. It was a modern look that took over the basic principles of the Jimny. The car remained without any major changes.

Until the launch of the little beast of 2019 carrying a 1.5l engine that has the ground clearance, hill assist, and ample body angles just to name a few perks.

Giving your Jimny the Best

Owning a Jimny is an investment into an off-road journey. It is a vehicle that you have for life which is why so many of us take that extra bit of effort to ensure the vehicle has everything it may need to give us a continuous performance and reliability.

Tough Dog Suspension offers you the best in premium suspension which ultimately improves your ride.