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Suspension Explained in Basic Terms

If you are anything like me you know that suspension is important in a vehicle and helps with a smooth ride. But surely it has other reasons for existing?


Suspension is a word that is fairly commonly used. Most of us are aware that it exist and serves some or other purpose in a car. Sometimes even saying to one another: “don’t drive there it will hurt your suspension” but not actually knowing what that really means.

Have you not wondered to yourself what on earth is this suspension business and what is it doing to improve my drive? Or perhaps your partner is obsessed with vehicles and it is all a bit foreign to you?


Suspension is an important part of your car as it provides stability and control while driving.


Though in the early stages of suspension it was but a mere leaf spring it gave rise to possibilities we have available to us today. And yes you may think to yourself “a spring?” it is how many cars still function today.  

Just as they explain in the video below the ups and downs of the surface we drive on make an impact on the vehicle. Each bump affecting the car in different ways. Speed also plays a role in the impact to the car.

“For this a bump leveling device is needed” to provide stability and control to the car. As we said before that is exactly what the suspension does.

Watch this video to see just how the idea evolved.


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