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Snatch, or Kinetic Straps

Using the right equipment is always in your best interest and in the case of recovery same goes for your friend.

Towing straps are not to be confused with the kinetic straps. The towing strap is shorter in length and does not have the ability to stretch to the extent the kinetic strap does. Kinetic straps are often 9 – 11 metres in length while towing ropes are limited to about 4 metres. Kinetic straps of about 11 metres are able to stretch approximately 1 metre.

The pulling power of the kinetic strap comes from the ability for the strap to stretch enough in order to give the recovered vehicle a bit of a jolt. As the strap begins to stretch it stores energy and the moment the energy is released the vehicle being recovered gets a bit of a jolt to get things going again.


Things to Keep in Mind


Kinetic straps should be used carefully. Ensure that the recovery you are trying to attempt can be done done within the capabilities of your strap. A strap can snap under tremendous strain which could land up hurting by-standers and damaging vehicles.

Check the condition of the kinetic strap it should have no cuts, abrasions, tears, knots, or foreign objects embedded in it. Any one of these conditions will reduce the effectiveness and strength of the strap.

Towing balls have a limited weight they are manufactured for. Make sure you are using proper and approved attachment points on your vehicle. And also make sure that all passengers are out of the vehicle and far away from possible harm.


Keep your recovery gear up to scratch with Opposite Lock.

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