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Sitting Down with David Cook

Arriving at the Getaway Show 2017 I was taken aback by all the interesting modifications I saw on so many off-road vehicles. In fact, the 350 GT Shelby Mustang seemed to be the odd one out, though still being gorgeous in the morning sun.

However, I did arrive in my little KIA Picanto which stood out in its own way.

Not the glistening beauty kind of way but rather,

what is this city car doing here? sort of attitude.

So though my car may not, yet, show it I am indeed an avid outdoor enthusiast finding myself in a place all about the outdoors. To make it even better I met and spoke with David Cook from Tough Dog Suspension.

Here is some of what he had to say:

You mentioned this is your second time to South Africa. Have you enjoyed your stay this time around?

This time around my stay has been amazing. The South African People are very Similar to Australians in that they’re friendly, welcoming people. South Africans as a whole though are also very individual, and have a strong idea of what they want, and a good nose for quality.

And how is the Getaway Show 2017? What was your best moment?

The Show itself was actually similar to the shows we have back in Oz. I love interacting with people and trading stories about the off-roading and overlanding adventures we’ve had. The great thing about this show is that I have been able to trade stories with people who have had such different experiences. I didn’t once run into someone who has crossed the Simpson Desert in the centre of Australia, and likewise, I have never been to the Okavango Delta. But, these places are definitely on my bucket list now!

For our new off-roaders out there, how would you describe, the function suspension has in a vehicle?

Put simply, Suspension is about carrying and Controlling weight. The Factory suspension is average at everything, but not a standout performer by any stretch. That’s where aftermarket suspension comes into its own. For most vehicles, we offer a range of springs designed to cater to the specific needs of overlanders and tailor the performance of the vehicle to the needs of the owner.

Earlier we spoke about the Tough Dog Foam Cell shocks, could you elaborate on what sets them apart from your standard shocks?

Every shock in the world has gas and oil in the shock. Most people know this as a Nitro Gas Shock. When the shocks work hard over corrugations, the oil and the gas can mix together, and the bubbly oil has very little viscosity. That’s when the trouble can start, and a shock fade situation can become evident. In a Foam Cell shock though, the gas is trapped in bubbles in the foam piece, which means that they can never mix together. The result is a shock where the oil and gas can never be mixed together, which means that the shock can hold its own over even the harshest of corrugations.

Do you see yourself coming to South Africa in the near future?

How could I possibly resist? Our dealer, Opposite Lock South Africa has made me so welcome, even inviting me for a family ‘Braai’ on Braai Day which was just so ‘lekker’ I’ll definitely be back as soon as I’m able…. There is just so much I want to do and see in this amazing land.

Well there you have it, Tough Dog Suspension is simply the way to go.

For more information on how exactly the Tough Dog Foam Cell Shock is made read this article by Leisure Wheels How foam cell shocks are made where they also speak to David Cook and go more in depth of the whole process...

It was a pleasure meeting David and having the chance to talk with him. I look forward to interviewing him next time he is in South Africa, and perhaps even see him in action.

And of course, I am now very happily sporting my Tough Dog sticker on my KIA Picanto.

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