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Shock Fade: Why is it important to Look out for?

Last week we looked at suspension and why it is valuable to your vehicle in our article Suspension Explained in Basic Terms.


Shock fade is very much one of those reasons.

Before looking at shock fade we want to know why it happens by understanding the purpose of your shock absorber. Suspension makes sure that the vehicle has the stability it requires to give a safe and comfortable ride.

Shock absorbers play a critical role in doing just that. The purpose of the shock absorber is to dampen the compression and rebound of the suspension. It does this by controlling the speed at which the suspension cycles.


By using fluid displacement the piston inside the shock pushes against the oil which it encases as well. The piston head has tiny holes in which the oil passes through. Allowing only a small amount through the shock absorber is able to slow down the suspension. This is maintained by the fact that the shocks will increase resistance as the vehicle goes faster.


In other words, without having this in your vehicle it would just bounce. Giving a rather uncomfortable and not overall safe ride.


So you see it takes a lot of the brunt when smashing through the general off-road.

As the piston motions up and down the oil begins to foam. Foaming oil leads to tiny bubbles being released into the fluid. In turn you land up with less resistance on the piston decreasing its ability to perform at  its best.


Shock fade can affect many parts of the vehicle and is very important to keep an eye on. Be sure to check for rusting and excessive ‘bouncing’.

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