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Off-road Tyres and 4WD Recovery

Any off-road enthusiast knows that obstacles exist on all terrains so vehicle recovery is a big part of tackling the outdoors.

Tyres play a rather large role in the off-road experience. Using the wrong tyres can make getting over these obstacles even harder. Off-road tyres are made for their intended terrain and should be treated accordingly. Having the proper tyres can assist in vehicle recoveries as well.

You want the vehicle you are recovering to have the best possible chance of assisting in the recovery and this includes the right tyres for the right terrain.


Highway Terrain Tyres

For the generally on-road SUV or 4×4 vehicles, Highway terrain tyres are the choice of many.  This is often what comes as standard on your 4wd.  It is a high performance tyre that combines ride comfort with all season traction.  This type of tyre is not accepted by most as a good off-road tyre as it lacks the qualities of good off road tyres such as tread depth and sidewall thickness.

All Terrain Tyres

As mentioned above, all terrain tyres are the best compromise between on road performance and off road ability.  Most have a decent ability to clear mud from the treads and therefore are able to gain traction where a highway terrain tyre will not.  They also have the strength that comes with an off road tyre and will resist punctures better from sticks and rocks.

Mud Terrain Tyres

Mud terrain tyres are for the serious 4wd owner who wants a tyre with the grip and puncture resistance to drive the most serious of off road terrain.  They are often specifically constructed and designed to offer great off road characteristics such as clearing of the tread pattern in thick mud conditions and the ability to withstand punctures.

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