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Introducing Opposite Lock Winches

Opposite Lock is hugely excited to introduce our new line of winches. Our very own Opposite Lock winches!

Waterproof winches, completely sealed with heavy duty pulling this is truly the perfect winch for any serious off-road
user. These units are suited for Pick up vehicles and SUVs. With its sealed high performance motor, fast line speed
and superior torque it will perform. Each unit comes standard with heavy duty sealed contactors allowing for higher
duty cycles. The patented oil seals supported with double lip seals ensure optimum waterproofing. Not only does it
have an automatic full load brake but also boasts oversized tie rods for maximum strength. Easy and quiet operation
thanks to an aluminium alloy clutch lever and a revolutionary 3-stage planetary gear system. Steel bushings also
prevent the gear box cover from grinding at the end of the shaft. The units also have a knurled drum, offering better
grip especially for synthetic/plasma ropes. Last but not least these units are IP68 rated. These tough units also come
standard with a Synthetic/Plasma rope and not just a wired remote, but also a wireless remote.
A genuine revolutionary innovation 

Opposite Lock Plasma Rope Vehicle Winch Features

A genuine revolutionary innovation

  OL9500 Specification OL12500 Specification
Rated line pull: 9500Lbs (4310kgs) single line 12500Lbs (5670kgs) single line
Motor: Series wound 6.0 hp /4.4kw,12V DC Series wound 6.5hp /4.8kw,12V DC
Gear Train: 3 stage planetary 3 stage planetary
Gear ratio: 212:01:00 262:01:00
Clutch: Sliding Ring gear Sliding Ring gear
Braking action: Automatic in the drum Automatic in the drum
Fairlead: Aluminum hawse fairlead for synthetic rope Aluminum hawse fairlead for synthetic rope
Synthetic rope: 9.5mm ×25m 11mm ×24m
Drum size: 2.5"×9.0" (63mm×224mm) 2.5"×9.0" (63mm×224mm)
Dimensions: 23"×6.7"×8.4" (
23"×6.7"×8.4" (
Mounting bolt
10"×4.5" (254mm×114.3mm) 10"×4.5" (254mm×114.3mm)
Battery: Recommended 650 CCA
minimum for winching 25 square
mm,72" (1.83m)
Recommended 650 CCA minimum
for winching 25 square
mm,72" (1.83m)
N.W: 68 lbs (31kgs) 68 lbs (31kgs)



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