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Drive your Adventure with the interVOLT EBI Pro


The EBI Pro is a revolution in dual battery control devices.


In a time of sourcing the best backup power and management systems for our homes, why not do the same for our vehicles?

Off-road, having a weak or dead battery can really slow you down. Often leading to a secondary or auxiliary battery being installed. But without a good and reliable battery isolator your system may not live up to its full potential. In turn compromising the running of your engine and starter.


The interVOLT EBI Pro gives you the best in durability and longevity.

Designed for under the bonnet installations the device is environmentally sealed to be both dust and waterproof.  

And yes, you are able to adjust voltage and time delay.


Though these are just some awesome benefits. There are so many reasons to install the interVOLT EBI Pro:

  • Clear LED status display and indicators for ease of operation;
  • 100 Amps continuously rated with a generous 500 Amps peak;
  • Dual sensing allows main battery to be charged from auxiliary;
  • Output indicator function for convenient in-vehicle monitoring;
  • Input for in-vehicle remote emergency combine switch (starting);
  • Overload and short circuit protection with automatic shutdown;
  • Over temperature protected with automatic thermal shutdown;
  • Low input voltage sensing with automatic shutdown protection;
  • Electronics are encapsulated in dust and waterproof housing;
  • Compact design can be mounted in any position that suits;
  • Heavy duty construction designed for under-bonnet installations;
  • 24 months warranty (subject to policy terms and conditions).


With the device being in a solid state, as in no moving parts, you are sure to get the most out it. Running continuously at 100 Amps up to 60°C, it is impossible not to want interVOLT EBI Pro.



Drive your Adventure and Contact us for more detail.

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